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2010 Litter Xerox at 11 weeks

Hillside Special and Hamazing

~  Hazy  ~

Our single girl, staying at Hillside

Hillside Xtra Special

~  Xerox  ~

Xerox is also staying at Hillside with his mum and sister

Banner at 11 weeks

Hillside Specialist

~  Banner  ~

Owned by  Jacqueline Conomikes

Quill was Blue boy

Hillside Special Edition

~  Quill  ~

Quill pictured at  9.5 weeks co-owned by Melanie Redford Westcroft Kennels & Bab Hannah, BonCouer Belgians

Arthur, was green boy, @ 11 weeks Fin - 10 weeks

Hillside Special Agent

~  Arthur  ~

Pictured at 11 weeks, owned by Hiroko Sano of Pas Grace Belgians, Japan

Hillside Special Reign of India

~  Fin ~

Photo at 8 weeks and now owned by Chris Mednick of Bijou Luisant Belgian Tervurens in Florida

Gunner, was red boy, @ 11 weeks

Hillside Thirty-Eight Special

~  Gunner  ~

Pictured with his new family and  co-owned with Carole Corbin, Chimeric Belgians

Hillside Special Operations

~  Remy  ~

Pictured with his new family and set to become a  conformation, performance and therapy  dog

Remy, was multi boy, 11 weeks

DOB:  21st March 2010  -  7 males and 1 female