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Below Shania and her breeder Teri Burke of Tintigny Tervuerens, reunited after 6 years when Teri came over from Scotland to visit us and help choose the puppies

Photo courtesy of Carole Corbin

Teri with Shania May 2010 Hazy - always on the go! Hillside Special Litter puppy love Xerox & Hazy at 8 weeks - Green (left), red (middle), Orange (right) Multi, now Remy, loves his new mum Gunner - red collar boy, 5 months Xerox in centre 11 wks Banner (Orange) using Remy (Multi) as a cushion .... Banner at 8 months Banner at 8 months Quill at 22 months Fin at 22 months Arthur at 22 months Gunner at 22 months